Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Third time lucky in Paradise?

Refusing to be jinxed by our two “snow up to the eyeballs” visits to the Aosta valley in recent years, we were delighted when our Mont Blanc team decided to have a pop at Italy’s finest.
So looking forward to having a decko at the soaring peaks in Gran Paradiso, Mel and I set off optimistically, heading into the Roya Valley – across the Col de Tende and down into Italy. A mere four and a half hours later we spied our sun-batheing compatriots outside the Terminal and soon whisked them north west.
The Aosta valley has all the big-scale majesty of the French side of the border, with a less frenetic feel. Love to see the vines precariously terraced on the valley sides and the imposing fortresses built to keep aliens away in more ferocious times.
We give our previous snow haven hotel in Villeneuve a wave before downing a cheeky beer and heading up towards Villesavarenche – and the end of the valley (well the road anyway) at Pont. We’d stayed at the Genzianella ( in previous and enjoyed its laid-back style – which was being well maintained by its new owners – thanks for that team! Even allowing the sports mad to watch the last of the World Cup!!
Feeling rather like Grandma with my one rather useless limb, it was none the less great to wave off Mel, Jak, Annie and Caroline for their two days of preparation adventures, a good walk and then some ice axe arrest training ( before heading off to the Chabod refuge on the third day for a rendezvous with the charming Stefano who was to be the guide on the final morning.

more later!!!!

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