Saturday, 19 May 2012

Come on in - the water's lovely - wild swimming in the Alpes-Maritimes

Papillon at Lac Scluos - Mercantour
Good morning - it seems that water is on the brain at the moment...inspired by the four mermaids in a tank, from Britain's Got Talent? - perhaps not!!!  However Daniel Start has recently published a  Wild Swimming in France book which was featured in the Guardian recently.  Of course there are several recommended "swims" in the Alpes-Maritimes and just over the border into Italy - but rest assured there are many more secret and not so secret places where you can take a dip if you are hardy.....don't forget that the lakes are fed by snowfields - and the temperatures is appropriately cold.......later this week there's been a Top 10 Swimming Holidays feature in the interesting read as it starts out with sooper dooper places where you can get your cozzie on, to courses for the more devoted who can test themselves, around the world.  One of my favourite swim combos, on a four day horse trip over to Italy (can also be done on foot of course but it is a long way back uphill from Terme di Valdieri), is the ability to swim (or kayak) in the lake next door to Questa refuge, and then enjoy the warm sulphury waters in thermal baths. And below - the proof!!!!!
Enjoy..............get in touch with us - spacebetween - for more details...........

Lac - next to Questa Refuge
Terme di Valdieri - that is so good!!