Monday, 2 April 2012

Good eating on holiday in the Mercantour!!!

With apologies for the attactive but not very appropriate picture of attractive micro flora in the Mercantour - but at the moment I can't access our rustic shots of farmers, cows and cheese.....use your imagination by all means......However the main point of this short note was to say bravo to Hugues, Magali and Yann who had a feature on FR3 yesterday - programmed originally for last week - but had dropped down the schedule - cheese making in the Tinee - visible on Itunes - and the piece is at around 15 minutes into the 20 minute programme. Worth a look for sure and it is great to see the efforts of farming starting to reap some success and interest by the powers that be, to support them and encourage more farmers into the area. You will never be disgruntled by the price of cheese again - as you realise all the work that goes into making your cheese - best to give your Euros to small local producers than the big supermarket chains. There's cheese produced in just about every valley in the Mercantour - and each has its individual taste - fear not about hygiene either as the production is strictly controlled.....for anyone living on the coast here - their farm in on the way north to Saint-Dalmas-le-Selvage - up a drive on the right hand side of the road. Cheese fans can also get their fill from the gargantuan cheese board served by Luc and Christine at the Grand Chalet in Valdeblore - it is justifiably famous! or, more modestly chez nous in Berthemont - where we have Jean-Francois' (well known in some circles for his dancing!) cheese on tap!!! Thanks to Kate Slater - I think - for the image.