Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The question that is ALWAYS asked!

I may have thought I had the better deal. In the fine autumn of 2001, Mel and I drove down to the south of France to exhibit a new fitness product at the prestigious Tax Free World Exhibition in Cannes (and that is another interesting life story – Pocket Grim!?)

I was looking forward to evenings in the Cointreau bar on the beach, with no inkling that more exciting and life changing venues lay just an hour up the road.

Mel, no lover of glitz, having seen some interesting contours on the Alpes-Maritimes, was away to the North like a bat out of hell. The lure??? The Mercantour - France’s largest and most recently created National Park (but now a healthy 30 years young), is a 685 km² outdoor adventure playground.

Parking in Saint Martin Vésubie, Mel had his fill of the surrounding mountains in the first, of many, reccies. The seed of a life-style business opportunity was there. Easy to get to, within hopping distance of the French Riviera, but an unknown National Park – let’s go….

The name was partial courtesy to the Dave Matthew’s band for their great song spacebetween and for us – the space between the Côte d’Azur and the Savoie to the North — and that much needed holiday space between.

Finding La Zourcière in Berthemont-les-Bains was a coup. A fine farmhouse with lots of accommodation potential and crying out to be stripped of the 1970’s Alpine French style interior – we are still at it – trying to get greener; get some more beasts; have a lovely cool ,plain, airy interior;

Today we are delighted to offer that spacebetween in two gîtes within the house. Great for guests to enjoy accommodation only, or to hoof out there in a fantastic holiday week – all year round.

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