Thursday, 26 July 2018

Any demo tool will do - Mercantour Madness!!

Dear friends 

Thank you all for your friendship and support for all this time.

We have not got to the position of knocking this shabby old ship into shape, without a lot of hard work and the invaluable help of great friends, Peter and Luc.

Much remains to be done on the outside – once we have tamed the rampancy of grass (no, not that sort of grass) and weeds created by the weird weather – which has meant that while you chaps, in the UK, have been basking in freaking hot – we’ve had freaking hot and violent storms!!

We emerge, bloodied but unbowed, with lots of ideas which will shortly be revealed in a newsletter*.

The Mercantour has had its just rewards, in a recent article in the Great Outdoors  magazine.

Keeping fresh…………we try to!!!!

Liz and Mel

 Latest review by lovely B and B owners and pro drummer veggies!!

Hi Guys, it’s been a terrific experience, much appreciate the exceptional care and effort in such a fabulous location making this a truly great package, our very best to you, Steve and Janet

*’ We have – of course -- complied with the Data Protection Act so our sends are restricted to the quality few!!

Sort of it!!!

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