Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Vegetarian holidays in France

Ever been on the prowl for vegetarian food in France in Nice or wherever?

Everyone to a man (or woman) these days does stress just how important food is to the holiday experience.....and quite rightly so......

SO - want to come and have a great hiking holiday in France in an unspoilt national park but just an hour north of Nice?.......already sounding too good to be true...,,,,,

..............AND YES then - what's more - come to France for a walking holiday with spacebetween in the Mercantour and if you stay with your hosts in Berthemont les Bains - you can also have a good say in what you want to eat, and if you are a veggie, gluten free, organic, vegan, allergic to all manner of things - you can be safe and sure that you will have something tasty to eat wtihout endangering your health!!  and there will be no omelettes!!!  If you choose the chambre d'hote option for your holiday you can also be sure that Luc and Christine in the Grand Chalet will look after you extremely well.

It's quite strange that many of the classic food dishes here on the Med either are, or could be, vegetarian with a tiny bit of flare.....thinking socca, salade nicoise, pissaladiere, tarte aux blettes (savoury or sweet), pizza, polenta, courgette fritters, tapenade....never mind the gorgeous selection of fresh vegetables which strain at the edges of local potagers!!

It's often much easier to pop over the border to Liguria, Italy where at least you can be sure of a plate of home made pasta, with, if you are really lucky a good spicy tomato sauce.

Come and stay in the Alpes-Maritimes and play - ask for info from spacebetween for ideas on the coast and in Italy where your hosts have great friends who cook up a storm - such as Marla and Fab at Bella Baita. ....

There's much happening here for the rest of the year - and then there is always the huge filip of the Nice Carnaval and Menton Lemon Festival in February 2015 to get us all going again after the winter.

Photo - thanks to Paramo

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