Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Nice in Nice???

Phew - definitely feeling like hairy hobos - spent the day in Nice on Tuesday - just too hot even in just in semi-smart gear (meeting requiring a soil free look!!) - highlight of the day was a great lunch in a Japanese resto - cool (bless the A/C) - calm - and good food- although not Mr. Jones' grub of choice - too much time for him in Taiwan among the "if it moves eat it" brigade.....Kamogawa is in rue de la Buffa - they do great value set lunches (I had to have tempura - veggie - off the standard menu) - fish looked very fresh - but could get very pricey in the evenings I starts at €28 a bottle....pic courtesy of diamond diving - and no - I don't think grouper was on the menu...

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  1. - this is their site but note that the tempura cheapo menu is no longer available!