Wednesday, 1 September 2010

30 years of the Mercantour

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  1. The Mercantour is 30 Years Young - Celebrate by Climbing a Mountain!
    BY Liz Lord FOR FR2DAY.COM Aug 26, 2010

    It may not be the iconic "lighting of the beacons" of Lord of the Rings. However the Mercantour is very proud to be celebrating its "30 years young" anniversary this year. The cunning plan is to get walkers up to 30 summits within the Mercantour National Park - on both the Italian and the French sides on the morning of September 11th.

    Why not get out and about with fellow lovers of the great
    outdoors and enjoy a picnic at the top, before descending to enjoy a little bit more R&R with drinkies, entertainment and music in the evening.

    Closest to us is the Vésubie - you can get up to the stunning Madone de Fenestre for the Friday evening - a stay over in the refuge is gratis - all you have to pay for is your "refreshment".

    In the morning there is a choice of four different walks - from the rambler types to adrenaline junkies. Other valleys have a variety of shindigs, so do have a look and see what takes your fancy.

    Why not join spacebetween for the occasion - we'll probably choose to take a reasonable stroll and hope that some of our friends from the South will be able to take a break from their yachts for a day! There can be fun in numbers with a single focus!!

    Talking of happy birthdays - it's also the fifth successful year of the opening of Alpha wolf sanctuary in Le Boréon - just an hour and a half from Nice - and a great day out for the kids. So no excuses, see you all on the 11th of September to celebrate the joys and biodiversity of the Mercantour!