Thursday, 20 June 2013

Accommodation on GR 52/52A - Walking holidays in France

Fancy taking one of the many trail walks (Grandes Randonnees) which snake across the Alpes-Maritimes in France? If you do so, book away and come and enjoy some of the best walking in Europe if not the globe......however before you do so spare a thought for securing your accommodation before you set out on foot......

We spacebetween, have been lucky enough to be in a German guide book following a visit by a journo back in the early days of our life here........this is all well and good but the guide book talks of chambre d'hote accommodation, which we no longer do, and makes no mention of the need to book in advance, particularly in the high season. 

As a result, we have many a hopeful face arrive at our door in the early evening in July and August. 

Given that the Hotel des Thermes here in Berthemont is now closed, the Colonie de Vacances - La Semeuse rarely able to take one nighters, and there is little else, we do erect a three podded tent in our garden during the summer so at the very worst passers by can do "comfy camping" with mattresses and duvets, access to a bathroom and a home cooked dinner!!!

We have gained the reputation for being the best accommodation on the GR 52/52a and even the GR5 which is going some, given that the GR5 starts in Holland and runs south!!!

In recent years reputations have ebbed and flowed, hotels have come and gone so here is a run down of recommended places to stay in our vicinity around the Tinee and Vesubie valleys.


The Grand Chalet
Auberge des Mures - recent revamp and restaurant makeover - keen to offer veggie and gluten free menus


L'Arberc - chalet and yourtes with horses for summer rents


La Zourciere

LA BOLLENE - Hotel du Parc closing.


La Source - restaurant and chambre d'hote


Hotel Le Chamois

Gite - Peira Cava 

Otherwise many of the villages have gites communaux, or there is the Hotel Saint Sebastien and the Bar des Sports in Roquebilliere, and the La Ferme des Cartons and La Ferme chambre d'hote but these require a descent into the Vesubie valley!!!!! 

For more information always consider checking out this very useful major Vesubie website.

Saint Martin, despite being the main tourist village of the Vesubie, is rather a wasteland for lodging and eating!!

Good places to eat include Le Provencal & Hotel Saint Sebastien in Roquebilliere, L'Ancien Abbattoir in Belvedere, La Source in Lantosque.

Don't miss the Wednesday night dancing fests in Roquebilliere in July and August and the cultural events run by Les Gens d'Aqui.



  1. There is new info online in the German Walking book by Sabine Bade for the GRs!!