Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The peace of the countryside....

Liz was getting tired of looking at all the rampant grass on the side of the road and was out there in a flash with her mega strimmer.....terrifying local drivers who may have imagined that Mrs Shrek was thrashing about in the undergrowth - jocularly saying to our neighbour that the local council would be sure to start doing their over due work that very day....and low and behold - there they were, an hour later on the hairy hairpin section as you drive up to Berthemont.  Happens every year without fail...and to add to the tale they were back this morning - at 5.30 waking us and all our kind guests - cheers!  Still the hedge work will have saved us at least a day of toil (nasty it is too!) .....better get off and cut the fern in one of the fields - the only green matter that the horses have left untouched...who said having 6 acres would be fun.....


  1. Another ruddy breakdown!! Thanks George..

  2. Thank heavens we have the hairy mowers now!