Sunday, 8 August 2010

Top 10 park in the world - the Mercantour of course!

Top Ten Global Treasure on our doorstep!

Excellent to see our local National Park getting some top press and standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the world’s finest scenery. This is what they* said

The Mercantour is a long and narrow strip of National Park which lies in the North East of the Alpes-Maritimes, along the Italian border. The central zone is peppered with numerous jagged peaks, deep winding gorges, Alpine meadows, lakes, deep forests and a wide variety of flora and fauna. On the Eastern flank of the Park, in terrain carved out by glaciers, the Merveilles and Fontanalbe valleys conceal an extraordinary collection of Bronze Age rock carvings. These form a vast open air museum which is the most important of its kind in Europe. Guided visits are provided by qualified guides.

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Published on (, from Lonely Planet data.

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